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How to Develop an Investment App Successfully for Your Business?

Adrian Borja

febrero 10, 2022

We might as well discover a few things worth borrowing and adjusting for our own mobile investment solution. Desktop applications are the platform of choice for professional traders and investors. Most of these apps focus solely on investing, while others represent mobile banking apps and offer investing as an add-on feature. Additionally, the numbers imply that your decision to develop a new and the best online investment app is supported by both market data and internal intuition. This kind of advisor can assess the user’s investment portfolio in real-time, compare it to the market situation, and show the optimal time for selling assets.

  • The impressive success of the Robinhood investment platform has uncovered a huge demand for such apps.
  • You can find the function on the dashboard of the most used trading apps.
  • In investment apps, personal profiles play the role of investment portfolios, where users can manage their assets and track their profitability.
  • Pronounce it the way you want – like investor or Invstr – both sound same.
  • The best apps deliver all-in-one solutions regarding the management of relevant resources.

Based on our experience, we can say that this type of investment application is the most profitable one that is always in demand. The investment trading apps can be built when you have a whole team of experts. You need a project manager, business analytics, and IT architecture for the app Java Developer Roles & Responsibilities BMC Software Blogs eventually. Furthermore, you need a lot of developers who will the development of your program. Mobile app developers will help you in developing the app for android and IOS. The backend development team will make sure that the database and servers are coordinating and working properly.

Top 8 Investment Mobile Apps Case Studies

Firstly, it’s possible to provide live consultations with specialists. Secondly, roboconsultations based on modern AI technologies can also be a great option if a person wants to save money. The more analytical options of this kind you offer, the better. Understand the specific needs and preferences of your target users, if they’re novice investors, experienced traders, or a specific demographic. There’s a market for both easy investing apps and some advanced options. 1) Publish the investment app on app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store.

how to create an investment app

The agency will control the technical side of the launch and you should pay attention to the first users’ feedback. MVP (minimum viable product) is a working version of your app with basic features. Creation of MVP helps you to test the app before the launch and avoid useless spendings. If you are looking for experienced developers then head to the DevTeam.Space platform.

App type 1. Banking investment app

Let’s combine the average hourly rates of engineers and the features we discussed in the previous section to arrive at a more or less realistic estimate for this project. The golden middle is working with an outsourcing company, as you will pay less than for in-house development but will get a well-managed, ready-made team with a PM at your disposal. Working with freelancers is the cheapest method, but you should assign a project manager to oversee the progress and unify remote workers’ efforts into a productive whole.

  • Make sure creating a personal account is as easy and intuitive as possible to avoid putting off your users from the moment they start using your service.
  • One incredible feature of the Stockpile mobile investing app is that it allows the investors and buyers to buy fractional shares of the companies.
  • On the other hand, you can link your debit or credit card to ensure the round-up investment.
  • The final price of investment app development will depend on several key aspects.
  • Opening the Wealthfront account, every user gets $5,000 managed for free.

EToro is a multi-asset brokerage and social trading platform with a penchant for providing financial and copy trading services such as crypto, forex, and other investing options. The quality of your application is highly dependent on the versatility of your development team and their tech stacks. In the meantime, we’ll discuss further https://forexarticles.net/remote-first-recruiting-practices-how-we-do-it-at/. Upon completing the design phase, the deliverables include a UX wireframe and user interface designs for Android and iOS apps. Furthermore, a designer can create a prototype, i.e. clickable design, that would act as a real app, but without any code or data behind it. One of the most vital foundational steps to the core development process is the design phase.

Uptech is top-rated app development company

Hopefully, you agree and wouldn’t mind getting a second opinion on things you need to consider when building an investment platform. Building an online investment platform is no easy feat — working with sensitive matters like finances never is. That is why we recommend cooperating with a software development partner that specializes in creating fintech solutions. Investing in their experience can become one of the best business decisions you make. Each year we observe a boom of new solutions that make financial operations more accessible and easy. Needless to say that people like to be sure that their future is quite certain when it comes to finances.

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